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Sales Appraisal

This is the very first step but crucial step in finding how much your property is worth. Property values and house prices changes with the market, so what your property is worth just a couple of years ago is completely different now. A market appraisal will assist in understanding and gives you a realistic expectation of what your property is actually worth.

This process involves your local real estate agent inspects your property and talks to you about the overall selling process. At Estate Galaxy, we provide free property appraisals with absolutely no obligation to sell your home. We will give you;

  • An appraisal of your property is worth in the current market
  • A detail report on real estate price trends in your local area
  • Aside from the appraisal, we can keep you up to date with the property market

So if you want to know what your property is worth today, simply fill out this form or book an appointment over the phone.